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That's what our customers think

That's what our customers think


Our focus has mainly been on four crucial aspects.

1. Health

We are proud pioneers in the industry by using completely carcinogen-free insulation in our products. This demonstrates our commitment to the safety and health of both users and the environment. With our gas forges, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are working with a product that does not compromise your health.

2. The burner

We have carefully studied, tested and analyzed various burner designs, examining their effectiveness, performance and overall efficiency. Our goal has been to identify the optimal burner configuration that ensures optimal heat distribution, gasconsumption and minimal decarburization resulting in outstanding forging performance.

3. The geometry

Recognizing the importance of forge geometry in achieving optimal heat retention and smoothness, we have collaborated with experts to explore and improve the most beneficial forge shapes and dimensions. Our goal has been to create a gas ladle that maximizes heat transfer and facilitates precision control over the forging process.

4. The insulation

Understanding the critical role insulation plays in maintaining consistent and efficient heat levels, we have delved into insulation materials and techniques. Through extensive experimentation and consultation with industry leaders, we have identified the most effective insulation solutions that guarantee outstanding heat retention and minimize heat loss.